Monique Agostino

PHOTO: Monique Agostino. 7NEWS

A former model and real estate agent is set to be released from prison in just a month after successfully appealing her jail sentence for a crime spree fueled by drugs.

Monique Agostino, who once graced the world of fashion and property, appeared in the NSW District Court via video link on Monday. She had been initially sentenced to nine months in prison for a peculiar series of crimes, including drug possession and theft.

In May, the 28-year-old was compelled to trade her designer attire for prison attire when she was given a sentence of at least five months behind bars. This came after she pleaded guilty to a laundry list of offenses. The cwig store nike air max 270 womens adidas shoes jordan store cheap wigs jordan 3 fire red vibrators sex toys nike air max 90 nike air jordan shoes adidas best shoes mens nike air max nike air max wig shops adidas yeezy foam runner mens stores custom basketball jerseys ourt learned that her motivation for these crimes stemmed from her financial struggles following the loss of her driver’s license due to drug-related driving offenses and driving without a valid license.

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Deprived of her license, the former model could no longer continue her career as a real estate agent in Sydney’s affluent neighborhoods, which led her to resort to criminal activities.

During her initial sentencing, her Legal Aid attorney told the court that Agostino was “an intelligent individual who had directed her talents toward criminal, rather than constructive, endeavors.”

At the time of her arrest, she was found in possession of cannabis, stolen NSW registration plates, and another person’s driver’s license, which she intended to use for fraudulent purposes.

The former real estate agent swapped a glamorous life

The former real estate agent swapped a glamorous life

The former Instagram influencer openly admitted to using illegal drugs on a weekly basis when she was arrested. She was initially sentenced to a minimum of five months, with her lawyer acknowledging that this was a blatant disregard for the law. It was revealed that the police had issued 15 warrants for her arrest over a span of four years. However, her luck took a turn in court on Monday when Judge Mark Williams deemed the sentence overly harsh.

The former model admitted to a string of crimes.

The former model admitted to a string of crimes.

He upheld her appeal and reduced her non-parole period, allowing Agostino to be released from prison one month earlier. She will serve the remaining five months of her sentence under community supervision.

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This legal victory marks a turning point for the former model, who has endured a tumultuous few years marked by a steep fall from grace due to drug abuse. In 2018, she acted as a getaway driver for a group of young boys during a series of masked burglaries in Sydney’s upscale north shore area. She was also caught with methamphetamine and a restricted prescription medication when apprehended.

For these offenses, she was initially sentenced to a minimum of six months in one of the country’s most stringent women’s prisons. Now, years later, she finds herself back behind bars, hoping that this will be her final encounter with the criminal justice system.


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