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“A property coach who recently drew criticism for outlining his strategy to avoid paycheap jerseys custom design jerseys nfl team shop custom jerseys football mens nike air max 90 sale make your own jersey seahawks nfl nfl jerseys baseball uniforms sex toys for women nike air max 270 custom football jersey nfl jersey shop nike air max 90 shop nfl jerseys ing real estate commissions on a property purchase has now decided to step away from the transaction.

Steve Goodey had posted a video on social media explaining his plan, which involved utilizing an “excluded purchaser” clause to benefit both himself and the property seller. While he expressed interest in buying the property, the seller wanted to assess market offers.

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Goodey suggested that the seller enter into an agreement with a real estate agent to put the property up for tender. The condition was that if he ended up being the ultimate buyer, no commission would be paid because of his prior interest in the property.

He explained, “They really wanted to gauge market interest and determine its fair market value. However, they still wanted me to make an offer. I proposed having all the offers submitted at tender, and if they offered it to me at a price I was willing to pay, I could trigger the excluded buyer clause, bypass the agent, and save the seller some money.” He estimated this could save the seller around $20,000 in commissions.

Commenters on his video criticized him for potentially wasting the time of other potential buyers and the real estate agent involved.

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Martin Dunn, the managing director of Real Estate Together, was not impressed and said, “Goodey should change his title from ‘property coach’ to ‘property crook.’ I’ve never heard of this before and wouldn’t consider marketing a property under these conditions.”

Goodey, however, clarified that the video was speculative and that he had not heard from the involved agency with specific details. He stated, “If they had provided me with all the tender details, including the numbers and conditions, then it would be an issue for the Real Estate Authority, but that did not happen.”

In any case, Goodey announced that he had decided to withdraw from the deal. He explained, “There are offers in place that exceed what I would have paid for it, so I’ve completely withdrawn. I don’t want to cause any disruptions.”

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He also emphasized that he had no intention of harming real estate salespeople, stating, “I have to operate in this marketplace. But there are clauses in every auction document that allow the seller to, at their sole discretion, cancel the auction and sell to anyone they choose at any point, without notice, until the hammer falls. How is this any different?”


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