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Introducing Crazy Rich Agents, BBC2’s newest addition to the world of property reality shows. While Glitzy shows like Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listing have dazzled viewers with eye-popping US property extravagance and glamorous agent drama, this British series takes a more down-to-earth approach.

Meet the ambitious British property brokers, or as they prefer to be called, “property brokers,” eager to break into the lucrative market. They have set their sights on Nest Seekers International, the US property company that featured in Selling Sunset, where they will work solely for commission on luxury home sales. This show promises a warts-and-all glimpse into their real lives, far from the fantasy of living in mansions and designer clothes. These are the true brokers.

In the UK, the typical commission for selling prime properties stands at 3 percent, with brokers receiving a percentage cut from Nest Seekers. The potential to earn big bucks is evident, like Aly Hamdan, a new broker who could pocket over £250,000 if he sells the £30m Culross House in London’s Mayfair.

But the road to success is no walk in the park. The brokers must find a way to connect with the super-rich clientele. Krishan ‘Krish’ Mistry, a 22-year-old former building society worker, is a master of unconventional tactics. He once climbed over a gate to door-knock a potential client, successfully landing his first big listing, the mansion of brewery entrepreneur Nirad Solanki.

Another aspirant, Georgie June, 25, left a career in social care to join Nest Seekers, following in her late mother’s footsteps. Yet, like all rookies, Georgie makes her share of mistakes, feeling unprepared during a critical moment with a potential buyer.

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The pressure takes its toll, and some of the newcomers struggle to seal deals, even quitting on the verge of success, much to the dismay of Daniel McPeake, the managing director of Nest Seekers’ UK operation.

The potential rewards, however, are substantial. The lucky broker who excels will be sent to Nest Seekers’ New York HQ for a three-month mentorship and access to high-end listings. Georgie fervently hopes to be the chosen one and knows that the journey to the top is in her hands.

Crazy Rich Agents promises an exciting and unpredictable journey through the world of British property brokers, revealing the highs and lows of their quest for success. Tune in on Sunday, 6 August, at 9 pm on BBC2, with all episodes available on iPlayer the same day.

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