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PHOTO: Kim Dotcom’s Queenstown mansion. TWITTER

Amid his ongoing battle against extradition to the US, Kim Dotcom, the internet entrepreneur facing legal challenges related to his involvement with Megaupload, nfl pro shop dallas cowboys football Green Bay Packers nike air max 95s nike air jordan 4 retro nfl jersey shop Yeezy Boost 350 custom jerseys real hair wigs near me jersey store nfl jersey seahawks nfl best wigs on amazon jordan shoes on sale best sex toys for couples is in search of household staff to cater to his luxurious residence in Queenstown.

In a recent social media post, Dotcom extended an invitation to potential candidates, urging them to consider working in the scenic beauty of New Zealand, a mere 10-minute distance from the filming location of “Lord of the Rings.” He emphasized the appeal of finding refuge from the escalating global uncertainties, suggesting that this employment opportunity could potentially be a life-changing experience.

Dotcom has opened up several positions, including a role for an individual with expertise in close protection security, possessing counter-surveillance skills and an advanced driving certificate. Notably, applicants with a minimum of 10 years of experience and a clean criminal record are encouraged to apply, though those from “5 Eyes” countries are advised not to pursue this particular role.

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Additionally, Dotcom is on the lookout for a capable gardener to maintain the estate’s grounds and an accomplished chef who can skillfully transform the estate’s organic produce into nutritious and delectable dishes for both the family and the staff.

Dotcom’s requirements extend to a dual role encompassing house management and personal assistance, involving oversight of contractors, staff, family matters, and emergencies. The position entails a demanding 24/7 commitment and offers competitive compensation. Prospective candidates should possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in a comparable role, accompanied by strong references.

A position for a live-stream producer is also available, catering to individuals with a knack for technology, proficient editing skills, and prior experience in streaming. Dotcom’s streaming endeavors are aligned with the launch of a robust live streaming service, particularly in coordination with Elon Musk’s platform, X.

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Rounding out the vacancies, Dotcom is in pursuit of a capable housekeeper and nanny. The emphasis is placed on relevant experience and commendable references. Dotcom personally assures a thorough review of each application and pledges to respond to applicants who put genuine effort into their CV submissions. Notably, he clarifies that business inquiries and investment proposals will not receive replies.

For successful candidates, Dotcom offers complimentary accommodations within the staff house, equipped with Starlink internet connectivity, along with access to a staff Mercedes.

Kim and Liz Dotcom at their home near Queenstown.

Kim and Liz Dotcom at their home near Queenstown.

Dotcom and his wife Liz welcomed their first child together, Kash, in the previous year.

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