Tamzyn Adding

PHOTO: Business owner Tamzyn Adding. Photo credit: AM

A Kiwi business owner has made the decision to close her business and relocate to Australia, citing two main reasons for her move. Firstly, she finds the Australian commercial market to be more favorable and accommodating compared to the challenges she faced in New Zealand. Secondly, she is concerned about the state of New Zealand’s education system and does not want her four school-aged daughters to experience it.

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This decision comes shortly after the implementation of a new citizenship deal for Kiwis living in Australia on July 1. Under this deal, all Special Category Visa holders can directly apply for citizenship without first becoming permanent residents, as long as they meet a four-year residence and other eligibility criteria. This new arrangement offers a range of benefits, including access to jobseeker support, student loans, disability payments, and the right to vote for the first time.

Recent figures exclusively revealed that since July 1, a significant number of 12,300 New Zealanders have applied for Australian citizenship. The ease of obtaining citizenship has made it more attractive for people like business owner Tamzyn Adding, who is planning to move to Australia in October.

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Tamzyn explained that her decision to relocate is not only influenced by the better opportunities in the Australian commercial market but also her feeling of being undervalued in New Zealand. Despite years of effort to establish her company in the commercial sector in New Zealand, she faced numerous setbacks and was not taken seriously until her business gained traction in Australia.

Furthermore, Tamzyn expressed concerns about the declining academic standards in New Zealand’s education system. To ensure a better education for her children, she intends to enroll them in private schools in Australia instead.

On the other hand, the Chair of Oz Kiwi, Joanne Cox, mentioned that the recent surge in applications for Australian citizenship from New Zealanders has been long-awaited. She expects this trend to continue and possibly increase further in the coming months, as more people realize the ease of achieving citizenship under the new deal.

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While many Kiwis see opportunities in Australia due to factors such as better housing, lower cost of living, and higher pay, Cox warned that potential migrants should be aware of certain drawbacks. Specifically, she pointed out issues with racism in Australia and the limitations on social services and rights for permanent residents before they obtain citizenship.

In contrast to Tamzyn Adding’s move to Australia, Joanne Cox shared her plans to return to New Zealand after living in Australia for 15 years. Her decision was motivated by family reasons and aligns with her long-term plan.

In summary, a Kiwi business owner’s decision to move to Australia is based on her belief in the favorable commercial market there and her concerns about the education system in New Zealand. The recent changes to the citizenship deal have made it easier for New Zealanders to apply for Australian citizenship, leading to a surge in applications. However, potential migrants are urged to consider the limitations and potential challenges in Australia, such as racism and restrictions on rights for permanent residents.


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