Prominent café chain Wishbone is said to have entered the process of liquidation. Outlets across Wellington were shuttered on Tuesday, accompanied by a notice at the Featherston St location indicating closure until further notice.

The company’s official website has been taken offline, and Mohammed Tazleen Nasib has been designated as the liquidator for The Woodward Group, as stated on the Companies Register website since Monday. An individual named John Crocker, representing Unite Union, revealed that news of the company’s liquidation had reached them via a Wellington staff member’s partner on Tuesday morning.

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Phil Rennie, spokesperson for Wellington Airport, confirmed that the store located there also remained closed on Tuesday. Attempts to contact Wishbone were met with unanswered calls, and Rennie couldn’t confirm the exact reason behind the closure.

Commencing its operations in March 2000 on Woodward St, Wellington, the company gradually expanded from its initial focus on sandwiches, eventually branching out to Auckland in 2004. In 2003, Wishbone secured the 35th position in the Deloitte Fast 50 list of enterprises. CEO Andrea Gibson Scarlett expressed the brand’s commitment to offering a budget-friendly, nourishing, and convenient choice for those on the go who value high-quality food.

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Wishbone played a pivotal role as a major supplier to the Wellington Hospital cafeteria and a familiar presence at domestic airports. Notably, it made its mark by inaugurating its 23rd store in Otago in 2012, which holds significance for Andrea Gibson Scarlett, who hails from the area.

According to a report by Newshub, a worker at Wishbone’s food production plant in Wellington disclosed that liquidators had arrived on site and proceeded to close down operations. Furthermore, an employee was allegedly terminated abruptly, with immediate implementation of their redundancy, as conveyed by a spokesperson from Unite Union to Newshub.

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