Campbell Venning and Rosa Carter

PHOTO: Campbell Venning and Rosa Carter (L TO R) at the New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty office at 182 Papanui Road, Merivale. SUPPLIED

Renowned real estate authority, New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty (NZSIR), has made its entrance into the vibrant Christchurch market.

Local real estate luminaries Rosa Carter and Campbell Venning, seasoned experts in the property domain, have jointly established the Christchurch franchise of the esteemed national agency. This new office, nestled on Papanui Road in Merivale, has just opened its doors to the public.

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Mark Harris, Managing Director of NZSIR, underscores the strategic significance of this expansion for the globally acclaimed brand.

“Our pursuit of reestablishment in Canterbury has been ongoing, and we were steadfast in seeking individuals endowed with the acumen and proficiency to uphold the legacy of NZSIR,” Harris explains. “We’re thrilled to welcome Rosa and Campbell to our fold – their deep-rooted expertise in Christchurch’s real estate landscape, coupled with their extensive business and investment backgrounds, will undoubtedly enhance the experiences of both sellers and buyers in Christchurch.”

Preceding the seismic events that reshaped the region, NZSIR had previously operated in Christchurch. Since then, the company – lauded for its specialty in premier properties spanning various price ranges – has gracefully extended its reach nationwide, now presiding over 29 offices from Waipu to Queenstown.

Rosa Carter, Co-Managing Director of NZSIR Christchurch, believes the timing is ripe for the brand’s triumphant return to the market.

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“NZSIR has commanded my admiration since its inception in 2005, and I’m genuinely exhilarated to now align myself with this exceptional team,” Carter affirms. “Christchurch stands ready to embrace an avant-garde brand like NZSIR – its imminent success is underscored by the unique value it provides to vendors and sales associates alike, through its sprawling global network and far-reaching marketing avenues. This isn’t mere marketing rhetoric, but a tangible, nationwide, and global network that delivers tangible results.”

Campbell Venning, Co-Managing Director of NZSIR Christchurch, brings over two decades of expertise in property investment and sales to the table. He eagerly anticipates ushering in an unparalleled standard of service within the Christchurch real estate panorama. to launch real estate industry recruitment site

“The NZSIR brand epitomizes opulent real estate, and this ethos is becoming increasingly apparent within the Christchurch property realm – spanning from architecturally splendid new constructions to post-earthquake transformations,” Venning remarks. “Our city is amid a phase of expansion, teeming with prospects for robust capital gains, underpinned by a strategic approach to wider-scale marketing.”

“I’m enthusiastic about my role within the NZSIR brand, with its rich history, exceptional personnel, and steadfast commitment to excellence, all of which converge to yield optimal outcomes for Christchurch’s property vendors.”

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