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PHOTO: Real estate agent fees in New Zealand

In this episode we dive into the data to look at real estate agents and who’s got the lowest fees. To be fair, we have looked at a mix of companies but have included the “big guns” of NZ real estate. We’re going to give you an honest comparison and back it up with real numbers and explain how you can use this data.

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Tom Panos

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  1. Author

    This came in via email LOL:

    What an uninformed and ridiculous commentary regarding Tall Poppy and Experience.

    Having word under both Ray White and Bayleys I know first hand that Tall Poppy has a far superior model hence the rate is less.

    THE COMMISSION Split is HIGHER. So I EARN MORE charging eless. So this pathetic comment that you buy from a cheap agency based on the notion of inexperience is BULLSHIT.

    Look at ths stats in NELSON and you will find TALL POPPY is the second highest lister and seller in the region and ALL the agents are VRY Ecperienced bevcasue UNLIKE Ray White, there are no start up agents at all… Get you facts right before you comment on an industry you clearly KNOW NOTHING ABOUT

    Iain MacFadyen
    Sales Consultant
    Tall Poppy Real Estate

  2. Agree with you Iain. This is so disappointing and mis-information.

    Their perception on if you charge more you work harder, is only THEIR opinion. I made a change in 2022, walking away from a 4% company to ARIZTO – 2%. 100% my work ethic didn’t change because I now worked for a company that charged less.

    It’s their opinion, I get that, but after 20years in the industry, its not at all correct.
    Stats are what they are but I have learnt you cannot judge every agent based on stats, or on another agent –
    My advice, dont discount the cheapest – they could save you thousands, not hundreds, THOUSANDS, and get the same or better result than all the big companies he talks about.

    Real Estate salespeople are NOT all bad. Some of us have genuine good hearts and will work out guts out to get your the best. It’s not always about what we get paid – some of us do this for genuinely good reasons – and YES, we can be found in cheaper companies like ARIZTO.

    Have a fab day!

    Mandy Campbell, Te Tairawhiti

  3. Author

    HI team! Just a reminder that this is an opinion piece from Opes Partners. Whether you agree or not – that is not the point right?

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