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PRESS RELEASE: Friday 26 May, 2023


In a significant development within the New Zealand’s real estate industry,, a prominent online real estate platform, is soon to unveil a groundbreaking website that facilitates confidential networking among real estate agents. The platform will empower agents to discreetly share their professional details with other companies, signaling their openness to exploring potential career opportunities while maintaining utmost confidentiality. This innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize the way real estate agents in New Zealand connect with potential employers, fostering increased mobility and opportunities within the industry.

Confidential Networking for Real Estate Agents will introduce an ingenious solution to address the needs of real estate agents who may be contemplating a change in their professional trajectory. By providing a secure and confidential online platform, the website enables agents to discreetly share their information with other companies, without the risk of compromising their existing positions or jeopardizing client relationships.

How it Works

Real estate agents interested in exploring new opportunities can create a profile on the platform. The platform ensures that their information remains confidential and only accessible to verified companies seeking to recruit agents. The agents can outline their experience, achievements, and professional goals, giving potential employers a comprehensive overview of their expertise. The platform also includes a secure messaging system, allowing interested parties to communicate and gauge potential compatibility without revealing personal contact details.

Benefits for Real Estate Agents

  1. Confidentiality: By providing a confidential networking platform, addresses the concerns and hesitations that real estate agents often face when considering a career change. The platform empowers agents to explore new opportunities discreetly and without unnecessary risk.
  2. Expanded Opportunities: The website opens up a world of new possibilities for agents by connecting them with a diverse range of real estate companies seeking talented professionals. This increased access to potential employers can lead to better career prospects, higher income potential, and improved job satisfaction.
  3. Networking Made Easy: streamlines the networking process by providing a centralized platform where agents can effortlessly showcase their skills and experience to interested employers. This eliminates the need for extensive job searching, resume submissions, and the associated time and effort.

Benefits for Real Estate Companies

  1. Access to Talent: offers real estate companies in New Zealand an exclusive opportunity to connect with experienced agents who are actively seeking new career paths. This allows companies to identify and recruit top-tier talent efficiently, minimizing the time and resources typically required for talent acquisition.
  2. Confidentiality and Discretion: By using the platform, companies can engage with potential candidates without publicizing their intentions to expand their workforce. This discreet approach ensures that companies can conduct discussions and negotiations with agents confidentially, without disrupting their current work environments.
  3. Increased Efficiency: The platform provides real estate companies with a streamlined recruitment process, saving time and effort traditionally associated with scouting and evaluating potential hires. By accessing comprehensive agent profiles, companies can assess candidates’ qualifications and suitability before initiating discussions, thus optimizing the recruitment process.


The launch of a confidential networking website marks a significant step forward in facilitating career transitions for real estate agents in New Zealand. By prioritizing confidentiality and creating a secure platform for connecting agents and companies, the website opens up new avenues for professional growth and development. The innovative approach has the potential to enhance job satisfaction, increase income potential, and improve the overall dynamism of the real estate industry in New Zealand.

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