Israel Folau

PHOTO: Israel Folau with his wife Maria. Picture: Aaron Francis/The Australian

Israel Folau Sells Last Sydney Home, Bids Farewell to the City

Japan-Based Football Champion Parts Ways with Sydney Property Market

Israel Folau, the renowned football champion currently based in Japan, seems to have bid his final farewell to Sydney as he recently sold his last home in the beautiful Harbour City. The sale comes as Folau strategically divests himself from the Sydney property market.

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Swift Sale of Little Bay Investment Property

In a remarkably short span of time, Folau managed to sell his Little Bay investment property, which was listed by N G Farah agent Martin Farah just a week ago. The property fetched an impressive $1.15 million, exceeding the initial listing guidance of $1 million to $1.1 million.


Folau has owned it for six years. Source:

Past Acquisition and Investment Growth

Back in 2017, when Folau was still playing for the Wallabies, his investment vehicle, co-directed by his father, acquired the one-bedroom apartment for $960,000. Situated on the ground floor of the historic Prince Henry The Matron Dickson Nurses Home building near the Coast Hospital Memorial Park, the apartment underwent renovations in 2009, breathing new life into the structure dating back to the 1930s.

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Features and Rental History

The apartment boasts a spacious living and dining area that opens up to a private balcony through bi-fold doors. Additionally, there is a separate study room, adding to the property’s appeal. Over the past three years, the Little Bay apartment has served as a rental, generating a steady income of $750 to $800 per week.

Israel Folau

Israel Folau in his playing days for the Wallabies. Picture: Getty

The Final Piece of a Once Impressive Portfolio

With the recent sale of his Little Bay property, Folau concludes his journey as a property owner in Sydney. Notably, according to PropTrack, the median unit price in Little Bay currently stands at $910,000, indicating an impressive 11.3% increase over the past 12 months.


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