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PHOTO: Federal prosecutors alleged a Georgia real estate agent secretly recorded a sex tape with a pro athlete.

Real Estate Agent Accused of Blackmailing Athlete Over Illicitly Recorded Encounter

A real estate agent based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been accused of engaging in blackmail after secretly recording a sexual encounter with a professional athlete, according to court documents.

Federal prosecutors allege that between June and July, the real estate agent, Marvavier Rian Hurts, recorded the athlete without consent during their encounter at a hotel. Following the encounter, Hurts allegedly began extorting the athlete, leading to criminal charges that include three counts of interstate communications with intent to extort.

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Despite requests for comments from Insider, Hurts’ lawyer has not provided any statements at this time.

Over the course of several months, Hurts reportedly demanded $250,000 from the athlete to keep the information about their sexual history confidential and prevent the release of the compromising video. He even proposed signing a nondisclosure agreement in return for the payment. However, the athlete took action and collaborated with the FBI in devising a plan to locate and apprehend Hurts.

On July 27, authorities arrested Hurts in Georgia, and he was subsequently indicted on the charges by a federal grand jury on August 2. The unsealed criminal complaint was initially reported on by CourtWatch.

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According to the complaint and indictment, Hurts sent numerous threatening text messages to the athlete, initially ignored by the latter, which included threats of sharing the sex tape with the athlete’s teammates and family members.

Hurts persisted in contacting the athlete through text messages and Instagram during June and July. He even reached out to the athlete’s sister on June 14, requesting her assistance in pressuring the athlete to accept his extortion demands.

Throughout the ordeal, Hurts allegedly tried to dissuade the athlete from seeking legal recourse, warning that any legal action would expose his identity.

In an effort to apprehend Hurts, the athlete and the FBI set up a sting operation. The athlete traveled to New York and eventually responded to Hurts’ messages, enabling investigators to obtain a location warrant and proceed with an investigation into the interstate extortion charges.

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During their interactions, the athlete asked Hurts to provide his bank information to facilitate a wire transfer, but Hurts insisted on CashApp or cash payments instead.

Using the provided bank account information, the FBI confirmed Hurts’ identity and subsequently arrested him in Georgia. As of now, no plea has been entered in the case.

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