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An Australian Disney-themed amusement park might soon become a reality, as the Mayor of Melbourne has expressed her endorsement for the concept. This potential venture would mark the establishment of the seventh Disneyland globally. Melbourne seems poised to host its very own Disneyland theme park, with the city’s prominent official, Lord Mayor Sally Capp, offering her enthusiastic support for the proposal. She has even identified an optimal location for this project.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp emphasized that Melbourne is progressively reclaiming its status as Australia’s premier tourist destination, rebounding from the challenges posed by several difficult years of Covid-related lockdowns. She firmly believes that partnering with the entertainment powerhouse, Disney, is a perfect match that could significantly enhance the city’s appeal.

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While the idea of a Disney-themed attraction Down Under has been previously suggested, a promising parcel of land near Avalon Airport, situated southwest of Melbourne and in proximity to Geelong, has now been earmarked for the potential development. This site, previously envisioned by the owner of Seppeltsfield and Penny’s Hill wineries, has garnered considerable attention.

Melbourne’s Mayor remains convinced that the city’s environs are the ideal setting for a Disneyland venture. Disney’s growing influence as one of the world’s largest media conglomerates, expanding its portfolio to encompass iconic brands like Star Wars and 21st Century Fox, has already left its imprint in Melbourne through a partnership naming Marvel Stadium in Docklands. Prior attempts by other cities in Australia, such as Sydney, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast, to attract Disney’s attention had proven unsuccessful.

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Mayor Capp asserts that a collaboration with Disney could infuse fresh vitality into Melbourne and bolster its reputation as a world-class hub for tourism. Her enthusiastic endorsement adds weight to the endeavor.

A significant proponent of this idea is Warren Randall, owner of Seppeltsfield and Penny’s Hill wineries, who is rallying business leaders and government entities to explore the possibility of establishing Australia’s seventh Disneyland in the state.

There is thousands of hectares of free land around Avalon Airport that could welcome the site

There is thousands of hectares of free land around Avalon Airport that could welcome the site

Mayor Sally Capp expressed her belief that a Disney-themed park within their municipality would be a resounding success, captivating residents, tourists, students, and traders alike. Melbourne already boasts top-tier hotels, dining precincts, and shopping destinations that could cater to both domestic and international visitors. While she conjures an image of towering rollercoasters embellishing Melbourne’s skyline near Fisherman’s Bend as part of a potential Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, a more practical location is already being proposed.

A substantial tract of land adjacent to Avalon Airport, north of Geelong and approximately thirty minutes south of Melbourne’s central business district, has been reserved for an entertainment precinct. David Fox, Chairman of Avalon Airport and the son of billionaire entrepreneur Lindsey Fox, has reportedly held discussions with Disney regarding this initiative. While he refrained from confirming an immediate Disneyland venture, he acknowledged the possibility, emphasizing the need for rail connectivity within the precinct.

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A petition advocating for a Disneyland in Australia has been circulating online since 2020, attracting tens of thousands of signatures. Disney theme parks have already transcended U.S. borders, establishing their presence in France, Japan, and China.

Although Mayor Sally Capp’s current term will conclude later this year, there is anticipation that she will seek re-election.

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