Waiwera Thermal Resort & Spa

PHOTO: Waiwera Thermal Resort was an outstanding complex.

Former Iconic Waiwera Thermal Resort in North Auckland to Undergo Demolition and Transformation

Once a renowned establishment, the Waiwera Thermal Resort in North Auckland has evolved into a haunting spectacle resembling scenes from a horror film. However, this eerie chapter is soon to close. In 2018, a glimmer of optimism emerged as plans for a much-needed upgrade surfaced. Unfortunately, the operators faced insurmountable challenges, leading to their liquidation and the subsequent downfall of the resort.

Owners look to future of abandoned resort | WATCH

Spanning 1.7 hectares, the resort is now poised for a rejuvenation. Demolition is set to commence on Monday, marking a pivotal moment for the site. Urban Partners currently holds ownership of the land, and Greig Staples, the Chief Executive, acknowledged the special connection the resort holds in the hearts of both Aucklanders and visitors. He reminisced about the fond memories of poolside camaraderie and exhilarating slides that many have cherished.

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Staples revealed that safeguarding the property from vandalism has been an uphill battle since the previous operators’ downfall. The ongoing degradation caused by such incidents has rendered the existing structures valueless for potential buyers. Consequently, removing the remnants of the buildings is perceived as a positive step for the broader community.

"It is now at the point where the existing structures offer no value to a buyer." 
“It is now at the point where the existing structures offer no value to a buyer.” Photo credit: Supplied

While the impending demolition ushers in the end of an era, it also signals the dawning of a revitalized Waiwera. This transition is bittersweet, as Staples acknowledges, encapsulating both closure and the promise of renewal.

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Simultaneously, plans are underway to launch a spring campaign aimed at attracting a diverse array of potential buyers. Blair Peterken, the Director of Capital Markets at Colliers, highlighted Waiwera’s historical significance as the birthplace of New Zealand’s inaugural spa. Its storied past includes a grand hotel, bathhouses, and the evolution into the contemporary thermal resort that has become familiar today.

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The Auckland Unitary Plan formally designates Waiwera as a regional tourist attraction. Its versatile zoning allows for potential ventures encompassing business, residential development, health and wellness initiatives, tourism, as well as prospects in hospitality and visitor accommodations.

Waiwera Thermal Resort to be demolished in 'bittersweet' milestone Photo credit: Supplied

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